Anti-wrinkle injections are the premier non-surgical solution for the visible effects of age and gravity. Australia’s spend on non-surgical cosmetic treatments, per capita, is one of the highest globally. 

The anti-ageing effect, affordability and no downtime are just some of the benefits that make cosmetic injections so appealing. However, there are facts about this popular procedure that may surprise you.


8 Surprising Facts

1. Anti-wrinkle injections are not just for wrinkles!

There are reportedly over 30 conditions where treatment with muscle relaxing injections can be of benefit, such as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), bruxism (teeth grinding), muscle disorders and migraines.

2. Muscle relaxants and fillers are not the same thing

Many people think that all anti-wrinkle injections are the same thing, however fillers and muscle relaxants are very different! Muscle relaxing injections are used to block the nerve functions to cease muscle contraction, which leads to smoother skin. Dermal fillers are used to fill-in lines and creases, and give volume to lips and cheeks, and plump areas where volume has been lost over time.

3. Increasingly popular for men

More than ever before, men are turning to anti-wrinkle injections to fend off the signs of ageing. Particularly in the forehead and around the eye area, men are finding that anti-wrinkle injections help achieve a more youthful appearance, without the signs of having a procedure done.

4. It’s not painful

The thought of getting a needle in your face can be quite confronting, but it’s nothing to worry about! The needles used for cosmetic injections are very fine and a numbing product can be used to calm discomfort. Many patients explain the feeling as similar to a mosquito bite or a mild pinch. In every case, at Appearance Clinic Australia, our doctor places patient comfort and satisfaction as the fundamental priority.

5. Instant gratification

Immediately following dermal filler treatment, you will see the results, which typically last for 6-18 months. Muscle relaxing injections generally take a few days to take full effect and normally last 3-4 months. Instant gratification with no downtime and few side effects…yes please!

6. Prevention as well as cure

Cosmetic injections can be used proactively to prevent wrinkles, in addition to treating them. If treatment is started before the lines and wrinkles become etched into the face, it can help prevent wrinkles from forming.

7. One of the most versatile anti-ageing treatments

The forehead and brow area is the most common treatment area, however, anti-wrinkle injections (fillers and muscle relaxants) are one of the most versatile treatments for complete facial rejuvenation. Successfully treating lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet, bunny lines, smokers lines, plumping thin lips or correcting uneven lips and replacing volume in hollow cheeks. Facial contouring can enhance your natural beauty.

8. Injector experience is more important than the product

Although the quality and safety profile of the product being used is extremely important, the skill and experience of the injector doing the treatment is even more critical. At Appearance Clinic Australia, our doctor, Dr Diana Phan, is highly experienced and her expertise is in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, facial contouring and non-surgical facial enhancement. Dr Diana has trained internationally with world-renowned plastic surgeons and doctors and patient satisfaction is of paramount importance.


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