Have you ever been caught out with hairy underarms? There’s nothing worse than being on a date or at the gym and realising that you’re in desperate need of some personal grooming. Laser hair removal not only has the wonderful benefit of long-term hair-free skin, but it will actually save you time! In today’s hectic society, time saving treatments are so very welcome. 

If you’re concerned about laser hair removal being painful, then don’t. Most people find it more comfortable than traditional hair removal, such as waxing. Planning your laser hair removal treatment will save you saying, “I wish I knew that before.” So here, we give you our top 8 points on what you should know before starting laser hair removal.


8 Things You Need To Know

  1. Not all lasers are the same, and results from hair removal treatments vary dramatically between types of lasers. At Appearance Clinic Australia, we use the TGA Approved, Cutera laser for optimum results.
  2. Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons for laser hair removal as you need to avoid sun exposure and self-tanning products (including sprays tans, lotions and tanning booths) for 4 weeks before laser treatment.
  3. Laser hair removal with the Cutera device is not painful. You may feel some heat around bony areas, however we cool the tip of the device during treatment to maximise comfort.
  4. Despite what some clinics may lead you to believe, laser hair removal is not permanent due to the growth cycles of our hair and our body’s incredible ability to continuously regenerate. Some people may get up to 90% hair reduction, others slightly less, depending on your hair growth.
  5. You don’t need treatment every 4 weeks (with the exception of hormonal hair on the face). Laser hair removal works best when the hair is in anagen (growth phase). It takes approximately 6-12 weeks for hair to grow from root to the surface, so having treatment every 6-10 weeks is much more efficient and saves you time and money.
  6. Don’t bleach, wax or pluck for 4 to 6 weeks before and during treatment as the laser needs the pigment in the hair shaft to focus the energy on. Shaving is ok.
  7. Shave the area(s) to be treated before your treatment.
  8. The Cutera laser can treat all hair types, fine or coarse, so treatment is suitable for both men and women.

Hair removal with the Cutera laser at Appearance Clinic Australia offers a comfortable treatment, with peace of mind that of a TGA approved device. With the amount of time and money you will save, and getting rid of the chore of shaving or waxing, you’ll wish you had started laser hair removal earlier. With every treatment, you will notice regrowth will be finer and sparser.


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