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Established in 1995, we are a state-of-the-art destination for all your aesthetic rejuvenation and beauty needs. Our priority is your beauty and wellbeing, and we provide the most advanced non-surgical treatment options based on clinical evidence and best practice guidelines.

Our team of best-in-class staff includes a cosmetic doctor, dermal clinician and beauty therapists. Feel and see the difference for yourself at Appearance Clinic Australia (Essendon)


Dr Diana Phan is the director of Appearance Clinic Australia.  She graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2003. Her deep interest in the cosmetic field naturally led her to pursue a career in Cosmetic Medicine. Dr Diana Phan is a highly experienced cosmetic doctor with an exceptional artistic ability when it comes to minimally invasive cosmetic enhancements. From her years of experience and extensive training, she has developed an enviable ability to enhance a patient’s appearance while maintaining a very natural look. Dr Diana is very down to earth and approachable and she takes great pride in her high patient satisfaction rate. In her opinion the consultation process is the most important step as this allows her to understand the patient’s concerns and what they would like to achieve with their treatment.

Dr Diana is constantly updating her knowledge and skills and has trained internationally with world re-known plastic surgeons and doctors. Patient satisfaction is of paramount importance to her and she strives to achieve this through her thorough consultation, individualised treatment plans and patient follow-up.


Kim has been working in the Beauty and Skin industry for 28 years, after completing a Diploma in Health Science.   To describe Kim as passionate and dedicated would be understating her love for the industry.  She has a special interest in treating skin holistically, focusing on the relationship between wellness and the skin.  She strives to achieve the best outcome for her clients by listening to them and by gaining an understanding of their problems from different facets.  Having suffered from acne as a teenager, Kim is also passionate about treating acne skin.  She combines scientifically proven treatments together with client education to achieve outstanding results.


Sam graduated with a Diploma of Beauty Therapy from Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College in 2008.

She started her career in the Spa industry, specialising in skin and massage treatments to provide whole body wellness.

After this she went on to work in a clinic environment overseas. This experience enabled her to work more specifically with the skin and providing treatments for many skin conditions.
Health and wellness has always been her passion. It is important to Sam to not just focus treatment on one area but to treat the body as a whole. She loves educating her clients on how the inside can affect the outside.

Being from a Spa background she provides a relaxing touch to results driven clinical treatments.
Sam is always taking part in further education to stay current and up to date with the newest technologies.

She will tailor a treatment plan to achieve your desired outcomes.

Michelle – Senior Skin therapist

Michelle has been a skin therapist for over 20 years. She is passionate, highly skilled and dedicated. She takes pride in her ability to transform any skin and her greatest excitement is being able to deliver amazing results to her clients. Michelle’s philosophy is that anything is possible with a little bit of attention, care and knowledge. One of the greatest reasons for Michelle’s success in the skin and beauty industry is her love of learning and self improvement. She believes that the gift of beautiful skin is more than skin deep. It is the gift of confidence and pride.

Silvana – Skin therapist

Silvana graduated with a Diploma of Beauty Therapy in 2017 from Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College. She is now furthering her studies at Victoria University, completing her Bachelor of Dermal Sciences. She feels as though this course has given her the opportunity to keep up with the new and evolving technologies of the cosmetic industry.

Although she began her career as a beauty therapist, her passion always lay in result driven skin treatments. She believes that through educating both herself and her clients, amazing results can be achieved.

Silvana will continue to study and further her education after completing her Bachelor, to ensure she is providing the best quality services for all clients.

Charlotte – Receptionist/Brow artist

Charlotte has observed her mum (who is our very own senior therapist Kim Ronke) evolve in the beauty, skin and wellness industry over decades. This has inspired her own passion in the beauty industry. Charlotte started in makeup artistry and has now branched out to skin and brows. Beauty to her is not just a visual sensation but the chance to help someone feel better about themselves.

Dr Justine Liong – Cosmetic Doctor

Dr Justine graduated from the University of NSW in 1992.  She went on to obtain a Diploma in Family Practice Dermatology from the National University of Singapore and trained in Medical Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Bioidentical Hormones and Nutrients.

Dr Justine has been working in the field of Cosmetic Medicine for more than 16 years.  She loves that it combines medicine and art.  Her talent is to provide the most natural transformations for her patients through a thorough consultation process followed by her world class ability. 

She has trained extensively overseas and also locally in Australia over the years to bring the best and safest aesthetic outcomes for her patients.

As a medical practitioner, she truly believes in the strictest standards of clinical governance, putting her patients’ comfort and wellbeing first with every treatment!