Why do I have acne? What treatments work? What doesn’t work? What’s best for my skin? These questions are some of the most frequently asked questions from people suffering from acne. The best way to have your questions answered, with information tailored specifically to your particular skin condition, is to consult with a highly experienced and knowledgeable skin therapist who specialises in treating acne.

Sadly, acne can be debilitating for those who experience it, however with the right kind of treatment, clear and healthy skin is possible. Here, we answer some of the most popular questions about acne and acne treatment.


Most Commonly Asked Questions

What causes acne?

Acne is the result of hair follicles that become clogged, inflamed and infected. The main factors that cause acne are; dead skin cells and excess sebum (oil) that clog the pores, bacteria that leads to infection, and hormones. Other factors that can influence the severity of breakouts include; a compromised acid mantle (your skin’s protective barrier), picking at your spots, poor or the wrong type of skin care, diet, health, stress and certain medications.


Why do some people get acne and others don’t?

Genetics also plays a role in whether or not you will develop this common skin condition. If both of your parents experienced the condition, then you are more likely to develop it.


What about acne medication?

If you’re familiar with acne, it’s likely that you’re familiar with Roaccutane. This drug is possibly the most prescribed medication for acne, however it’s not without the potential for severe side effects. Extremely dry skin, lips and eyes, blurred vision, rashes, depression and other mental and emotional side effects are just some of the risks. It is vital that anyone considering taking this medication is consulted and monitored by a health professional. For anyone who prefers not to take their chances with oral medication side effects, then a personalised, holistic approach with a dedicated and highly experienced skin therapist at Appearance Clinic Australia could be the answer.


How do I effectively treat acne?

Clear skin can be achieved through a medically-based and individually customised treatment regime that clears dead skin cells, unclogs pores, helps control sebum production and neutralises harmful bacteria. Treatment can include one or more of the following; Laser Genesis, Peels, Retinoids and a personalised skin care plan, depending on your particular skin condition.

Kim - Senior Skin TherapistAt Appearance Clinic Australia, we only offer scientifically and medically-based treatments. Our senior skin therapist, Kim, has 24 years’ experience in the skin and beauty industry. Since completing her Diploma in Health Science, Kim has continued to stay up to date with the latest and most innovative treatments and technology, specialising in treating acne skin.

Kim loves nothing more than seeing her clients feeling confident and happy about how they look, following successful acne treatment. She believes that with the right products and a good professional treatment plan, amazing skin is achievable.

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Does acne always scar?

Acne does not always scar. The likelihood of scarring occurring depends on your skin type, acne severity and longevity, genetics and your propensity for scarring. The key to avoiding scarring is to treat the acne promptly and effectively.


What’s the best skin care?

The best kind is a regime of cosmeceutical-grade skin care that is completely personalised. One size certainly does not fit all. Our skin therapist will be able to customise a personal skin care plan specific for your skin care needs.


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