Non-Incisional Asian Double Eyelid Procedure Melbourne

Approximately half of the Asian population lack the natural fold or upper eyelid crease that divides the eyelid into two parts. This is a natural trait of many Asian eyes and is commonly referred to as a “Monolid” or “Single Eyelid”. A popular non-surgical and non-incisional procedure is performed by Dr Phan to correct this, known as “double eyelid procedure”. The “double eyelid” procedure is the most commonly requested aesthetic procedure amongst the Asian demographic looking for a more defined upper lid crease.

If you are unhappy with the appearance or symmetry of your eyelids, you may be considering double eyelid procedure. For more information or to book a consultation with Dr Diana Phan, call (03) 9331 2566.

Asian Double Eyelid surgery

What is a non-incisional double eyelid procedure?

Dr Phan performs double eyelid procedure with the non-incisional double eyelid suture technique. The non-incisional method enables the creation of a double eyelid fold and potentially increases the height of the lids without the need to cut or stitch the skin. However, patients must be aware that even though this technique does not require an incision of the eyelid skin, this procedure still requires Dr Phan to administer a local anaesthetic. The entire procedure can be performed at Appearance Clinic in Melbourne, in less than an hour with no hospital stay required.

What is the difference between surgical and non-surgical eyelid procedure


It is important to note that Dr Phan only performs non-surgical or non-incisional procedures on the upper eyelids. This information is to explain the difference between a surgical and non-surgical approach. For further information or to ask any questions, please call our team on (03) 9331 2566 or ask a question online.

Surgical or incisional procedure

This technique is also referred to as Asian blepharoplasty procedure. It requires a surgical cut on the upper eyelids. This procedure is preferred when excess skin or fat needs to be removed during the procedure. A small cut is typically made at the skin fold to reduce the visibility of a scar post-procedure. This surgical or invasive procedure can either be performed in a hospital or under local anaesthetic at a plastic procedure or cosmetic procedure.

Non-surgical or non-incisional procedure

The non-incisional procedure is also known as a suture eyelid procedure. This procedure is done under local anaesthetic and does not require hospitalisation. Once the doctor has marked the correct areas of the eyelid skin they will create tiny surgical punctures. Through these surgical punctures, they will insert sutures under the skin so they are not visible after recovery. This creates a non-surgical double eyelid crease favoured in Asian facial aesthetics.

before and after surgery


What are mono lids?

A monolid is an eyelid shape that does not contain a crease or fold. An eyelid that has a crease is known as a double eyelid. Monolids are a typical feature of many Asian eyelids with approximately 50% of Asian eyelids do not contain an upper eyelid fold.

How long does non-incisional Asian eyelid procedure take?

The procedure usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes, but will vary between patients and will depend on your individual needs. A complimentary consultation with Dr Diana will determine if you are a good candidate for Asian eyelid procedure and what the procedure will entail for you, including how long the procedure is expected to take.

How long does the upper eyelid skin take to recover?

Full recovery usually takes about two weeks. Your recovery may be quicker or take longer post Asian double eyelid procedure depending on how fast each patient heals. Typically most patients will need to take one to two weeks off work and exercise to heal properly.

How much does non-incisional double eyelid procedure cost in Melbourne?

The cost of Asian double eyelid procedure with Dr Phan will depend on the patient’s unique needs. A quote can be obtained during a complimentary consultation with Dr Phan.

Is this double eyelid procedure permanent?

The results of this procedure on the upper eyelid fold can be permanent for some patients while others will need to have a revision at some stage.

What is the next step?

The next step is to take action and get personalised information for your concerns. The treatment outlined on this page requires consultation with Dr Diana. Please call (03) 9331 2566 to book your complimentary consultation.