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  • You'd be forgiven to think that the trout pout is in fashion. Everywhere we look, whether it's on social media, television or magazines, we see these large lips (with their own capital city) starring back at us. They enter the room before the rest of the face. They may even…

    How often do you find yourself staring in the mirror, and when no-one is looking, you take your fingers, put them to either side of your face and push your skin taut? Ahh, the nasolabial folds are gone. You stand there for a while wishing that there is some magical…

    It’s such a compliment to hear, “you’re glowing”. Skin that has that indescribable glow is hard to define, but you know it when you see it. Does it come from pure happiness, a harmonious chi, inner beauty, or eight hours of deep, restorative sleep? For those of us suffering from…