Does the need to go to the toilet frequently during the night disturb your sleep? The urge to urinate often during the night can be as sleep-depriving as having a newborn, especially if you need to change nightwear or you toss and turn after going back to bed. People who suffer from urge incontinence often suffer from over-reactive nerves that give the signal for urination.

Ageing (both men and women), menopause and childbirth can all lead to loss of bladder control or incontinence, however the good news is, there is a revolutionary solution that provides relief from frequent urination at night.


How Does The Emsella Chair Stop Me Peeing Often At Night?

Poorly functioning pelvic floor muscles provide insufficient support for pelvic organs and affect bladder control. Stimulating pelvic floor muscles is key for treating incontinence by regaining control over the bladder. Picture yourself doing 12,000 pelvic floor exercises in half an hour….not possible is it? Or is it? The Emsella Chair gives incontinence sufferers 12,000 pelvic contractions in one treatment.

The Emsella Chair uses electromagnetic energy focused on the pelvis to stimulate pelvic floor muscles with thousands of contractions per session. Treatment is non-invasive, you remain fully-clothed and it’s as easy as sitting on a chair! The Emsella Chair works to improve the pelvic floor as well as calm the over-reactive nerves that stimulate the urge to go to the toilet.

The Emsella Chair is an FDA approved and TGA cleared device for the treatment of urinary incontinence.

Who Is Suitable For Emsella Chair Treatment?

Both men and women can benefit from Emsella Chair treatment. Although approximately 40% of women suffer from loss of bladder control, thousands of men live with the concern of frequent urination at night as well.

Emsella Chair treatment is not suitable for those with cardiac pacemakers or certain other medical implants, those who are pregnant or nursing, those with heart disorders or those who have had recent surgery. Book a complimentary consultation with Dr Diana to confirm your suitability for treatment and discuss alternative solutions if required.


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