Our eyes can have a significant impact on first impressions. Our eyes and eye area convey emotions such as joy, happiness, suspicion and sadness. They show curiosity, truth and mistrust. They are referred to as the gateway to the soul. Our eyes are also one of the key giveaways of our age! Hooded, droopy or sagging eyelids and under eye bags can add years to our perceived age and are notoriously difficult to camouflage. Upper and lower eyelid treatments are typically difficult to treat non surgically.

Tightening and lifting the skin around the eyes can have a profound influence on appearance. To address this common concern, there are both surgical and non-surgical options which are explained below. We discuss the leading treatment for lifting and tightening hooded and droopy eyelids and the eye area without surgery.

Surgical vs Non-Surgical

Blepharoplasty Explained

The surgical procedure for lifting and tightening the upper and / or lower eyelid is referred to as a blepharoplasty. It is a complex procedure that involves the careful removal and readjustment of skin and fat around the delicate eye area and should only be entrusted to a highly experienced and appropriately qualified surgeon. Appearance Clinic Australia offer an alternative to surgery with Plexr non-surgical eyelid and eye area skin tightening.


Plexr Non-surgical Treatment Explained

Patients now have a technologically advanced, non-invasive alternative to surgery, meaning that the cost, risks, potential complications and recovery time associated with surgery can be avoided. Dr Diana Phan at Appearance Clinic Australia offers non-surgical eyelid and under eye tightening treatment using the industry’s leading non-surgical device, Plexr.

Plexr non-surgical skin tightening treatment uses an extremely accurate device to cause tissue retraction, thus tightening the eyelid and eye area skin. The Plexr device can also be used to treat lines and wrinkles such as crows feet and perioral (smokers) lines. For complete facial rejuvenation, Dr Diana Phan can customise and combine this treatment with filler and anti-wrinkle treatment.

It is a 20-30 minute, walk-in, walk-out treatment that was developed after several years of research and clinical studies, in Italy and worldwide. As the treatment is non-invasive, meaning no scalpels or stitches, many patients are able to return to work within 2-3 days.

For more information on Plexr non-surgical eyelid lift and eye area skin tightening treatment, click here.


Consultation & Analysis

If you are considering treatment for hooded or droopy eyelids, or you simply want to tighten the skin around your eye area, the next step is to have your skin evaluated by our doctor, Dr Diana Phan, in a consultation. Dr Diana’s expertise is in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, facial contouring and non-surgical facial enhancement. Dr Diana has trained internationally with world-renowned plastic surgeons and doctors and patient satisfaction is of paramount importance. 

To book your eyelid tightening consultation with Dr Diana, call our friendly team on (03) 9331 2566 or click below to book online now.

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