What do all the best cosmetic treatment results have in common? The answer – natural-looking results. It should never be obvious that a procedure has been performed. Natural looking lip fillers have numerous virtues, and the amount of filler used and its correct placement are just two of the key considerations when contemplating a lip volumising procedure.

In this article, we share our secrets to achieving beautiful, full lips that look completely natural. First, let’s take a look at the elements that influence the end result of lip fillers.

What Factors Affect The Result Of Lip Fillers?

Just like you wouldn’t get on a plane with an untrained pilot, don’t give your face to an inexperienced injector. Achieving natural looking lips using dermal fillers is a skill that is refined over many years. Skilful facial enhancement and contouring require both in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and experience to achieve optimum results. The following factors influence the result you will achieve:

  • Doctor or technician (injector) performing the procedure
  • Experience of the Doctor / injector
  • An understanding of the patient’s goals
  • Type and quality of filler used
  • Amount of filler used
  • Correct placement of filler


How To Achieve A Natural Look

A natural look is achieved by a combination of a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic doctor, along with the right amount, best quality and correct placement of filler. At Appearance Clinic Australia, our doctor is highly experienced and knowledgeable, having trained with world-renowned plastic surgeons. During your consultation with our doctor, you can discuss your treatment goals and your desired result. Your facial features will be analysed and a treatment plan will be recommended and agreed upon. 

During your consultation, we take the time to understand exactly the result you are looking for and patient satisfaction is of paramount importance. The following can be addressed with dermal fillers in the lips and around the mouth:

  • Filling smoker’s lines and marionette lines
  • Plumping lips and giving volume to thin lips
  • Correcting balance in uneven lips
  • Replacing volume due to ageing
  • Correction of a smile


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